Annual Holly Ball Dec 30, 2017 at Seaport Hotel

The Holly Ball or Holiday Ball is an annual tradition and lots of fun.  It is a chance to see our Midshipmen in their dress uniforms, and also the cadets and midshipmen from the other four service academies.    This year, it is hosted by the New England Coast Guard Academy  Parents Association.  We, the PCCNE, hosted two years ago.  Below is the message from Michele and Bob, this year’s chairs.
The Holly Ball is a formal gathering all cadets and midshipmen, family and friends from New England and all service academies.
Coast Guard is hosting this year.  We are expecting a large group from the Coast Guard Academy along with members/friends/family of  the Coast Guard, Air Force, Naval, West Point and the Merchant Marine academies.
Date:   12/30/2017
Place:  Seaport Hotel, Boston, MA
Time:  6:00 pm
  • Reserve your ticket(s) or table of 10 today.  First come, First Serve.  Last Year, tickets were sold out!
  • Please click on this link.     2017 Holly Ball Registration Link. 
Guest Speaker: Rear Admiral Steven Poulin, Commander, First Coast Guard District, Boston.
The event includes dinner, dancing, professional photographer, photo booth and more. 
Discounted rooms are available at the hotel 1-877-732-7678
Please be advised that the link and details are located on the WPPC-MA website, however, it is graciously hosted by the USCGA New England Parent’s Association.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Holly Chairs – Michele and Bob at or 603-235-7170.
Go Bears!
Best Regards,
Michele and Bob Gibbs
New England Coast Guard Academy  Parents Association

Army Navy Football Game

Quite a few of us going to Philadelphia for the 118th match up of the U.S. Military Academy versus the U.S. Naval Academy football teams.  The game is held at the Lincoln Financial Field.

Photos from the game on Dec 9th, 2017.  Snowy!

Here’s a toast to those who we played against . . .

“On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days, on other fields will bear the fruits of victory.”

― Douglas MacArthur (1919 – 1922)


Fall Meeting – Oct 15, 2017 in Sharon, MA

This is the parents club annual Fall meeting.

A chance to meet the new members and get together as parents of our wonderful mids at the Naval Academy.

Activities involved will be stuffing the Fall/Halloween envelopes (personalized  notes and gift cards are included) and the birthday cards for our midshipmen belonging to the parents club.

One discussion topic will be the Parents Club Leadership Conference that was held at USNA 9/20-9/21/2017. Carline Fleig, John Lee and I represented the PCCNE and we learned a lot about some of the inner workings of the Naval Academy, which we will be glad to share with you during the meeting.

If you are interested, you can view the conference materials which are posted on the USNA Alumni Assocation website at . You will find a wealth of information there.


Best regards,

Leo Bernotas
President, PCCNE

Plebe Parents Weekend

This is one of the milestones for families with midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy.  The first is I-Day, which has already passed.    It’s a great time to visit your midshipman in their new summer whites and see inside Bancroft Hall, or Mother B.

Check out the Plebe Summer 2021 video.  This is the official one from USNA.   Plebe Summer 2021 – official video

Jackie and Juan with Amanda.

Debbie and Mark with Anthony.

Randy and Cheri with Jacob

Mary and Curt with Emily

I DAY for Class of 2021

Permit To Report to Alumni Hall. Whoo Yah!

  • Male midshipmen, don’t bother getting your haircut prior to reporting.  Navy will cut it for you again.
  • Women midshipmen, recommend getting your haircut to regulation prior to arrival at your favorite salon or barbershop.

Here are PCCNE members Jackie and Juan manning the Parent Club table for us.

Welcome Aboard for Class 2021

The Parents Club hosted approximately 17 families for this year’s Welcome Aboard at historic Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston.  We had representatives from the Class of 1971 for the Link in the Chain and other alumni.

Good luck to the new plebes and for the next six weeks of Plebe Summer.

And, thanks to Susan Schwartz for leading the effort this year.


Commissioning Week


The following are the Firsties from New England graduating and being commissioned on May 26th!!

{The below is an example, not the actual midshipmen}

John Smith, Reading, MA

Jane Jones, Providence, RI

William Brown, Concord, NH

USNA Spring Break

College Spring Break.

Navy style Spring Break?

All midshipmen must be back by 2000 hours.

Dark Ages Care Packages Meeting

DARK AGES:  dictionary definition:


1.  the period in European history from about a.d. 476 to about 1000.

2.  the whole of the Middle Ages, from about a.d. 476 to the Renaissance.

3.  (often lowercase) a period or stage marked by repressiveness, a lack of enlightenment or advanced knowledge, etc.

DARK AGES:  USNA definition:

The dark doldrums of winter at the USNA are known as “The Dark Ages”, when the Mids await their March spring break. If you are a PCCNE member, your Mid will receive another care package at this time. Parents come together to prepare these packages with lots of TLC.

Message from our President:


Hi PCCNE Parents!

Now that the holidays are over and they are back to school, it’s time to start thinking about Dark Ages Care Packages. And of course this is just an awesome opportunity for us to get together and socialize. 😊😊

In addition to our regular agenda, one of our members will give us a “Commissioning 101” lesson which I’m sure you’ll all find informative.

We’re going to try something a little different and have the meeting mid-afternoon and ask everyone to bring snacks, desserts, and drinks rather than having a meal.

We’ll also be stuffing Dark Ages envelopes for our Mids. Remember “many hands make light work” so we’d love to have you join us!

See you on the 29th!

Looking forward to getting together!

Karen Pinch