Welcome Aboard – Class of 2023

The United States Naval Academy
Parents Club of Central New England
Cordially invites you and your family to our

Class of 2023
Welcome Aboard

Saturday, June 15, 2019
USS Constitution Museum – Charlestown Navy Yard

6:30pm  Registration & Reception

7:30 – 8:00pm Introduction and Speakers:
Guest Speaker USN (Ret), Class of 1973, A Link in the Chain
Michael Hurley, Command Master Chief, USN (Ret) – USAA

8:10 Class of 2023 Photo

8:20pm Colors (sunset 8:23)

8:30 – 8:50pm Dessert

8:55pm Question & Answers
Local Midshipmen and Club parents

10:15pm Adjourn

RSVP to:  welcome-aboard@usna-pccne.org

Annual Holly Ball-Dec 30, 2018 6pm (Tickets now available)

The Holly Ball is an evening for friends and family to gather and honor our cadets/midshipmen who attend the US Military Academy, US Naval Academy, US Coast Guard Academy, US Merchant Marine Academy, and US Air Force Academy.

The PCCNE hosted the event three years ago and this year, it is hosted by the Eastern Massachusetts USAFA Familes Club.

Tickets on sale now!  Cadet Ticket: $55;  Guest Ticket: $65;  Table for 10: $600

Tickets are available online at:

This is a secure link to PayPal through the West Point Parents Club of Massachusetts’ website.Ticket purchase deadline: December 16, 2018

Club’s Fall Meeting, Sept 23 in Sharon, MA

Summer is over and our mids are back in school.  This is our Fall meeting, and we have new club officers and plebe parents who joined us over the summer.

Please mark this on your calendar and join us in Sharon, MA.   Meet new members and get together as parents of our wonderful midshipmen at the Naval Academy.

Best regards,

David Ventola
President, PCCNE

USNA Parent Leadership Conference at Annapolis

This is sponsored every year by the Alumni Association’s program for parent club leaders.  This year it will be held on Sept. 6, 2018.  It coincides with 2nd Class Parents Weekend which is from Sept 7 – 9, 2018.  Up to four club officers are allowed to attend this one day conference.

For more details, please contact the president, David, at president@usna-pccne.org.

Welcome Aboard for Class 2022

Where:                 USS Constitution Museum, Charlestown Navy Yard

When:                   June 16, 6:30 pm – 10:15pm

Who:                       Newly appointed midshipmen and their families

RSVP:                     Curt Bellavance, welcome-aboard@usna-pccne.org

More detailed letter will be sent to the newly appointed midshipmen upon RSVP.


Please see picture from last year’s event.



PCCNE Annual Meeting in Weston, MA

The annual meeting of the parents club will be held this year at the residence of  the Peacher family.

Additional details regarding location is available on our Facebook page and via email.  See you there!


Dark Ages Meeting in Reading, MA (Feb 11)

Our next meeting of the parents club is for Dark Ages care packages.   It is also a time to get together and meet, especially for new parents.  We are preparing an agenda, but for now, please mark your calendars.

If you do not know what dark ages at USNA is,  check out this video.  How to beat the Dark Ages .  Or, this one to brighten up the Dark Ages.  Crazy Youngsters


DARK AGES:  dictionary definition:


1.  the period in European history from about a.d. 476 to about 1000.

2.  the whole of the Middle Ages, from about a.d. 476 to the Renaissance.

3.  (often lowercase) a period or stage marked by repressiveness, a lack of enlightenment or advanced knowledge, etc.

DARK AGES:  USNA definition:




Plebe Parents Weekend

This is one of the milestones for families with midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy.  The first is I-Day, which has already passed.    It’s a great time to visit your midshipman in their new summer whites and see inside Bancroft Hall, or Mother B.

Check out the Plebe Summer 2021 video.  This is the official one from USNA.   Plebe Summer 2021 – official video

Jackie and Juan with Amanda.

Debbie and Mark with Anthony.

Randy and Cheri with Jacob

Mary and Curt with Emily